Tens of thousands of Americans receive fixed monthly annuity payments as a second or even first source of income. A monthly annuity can be a reliable flow of steady income, but during an emergency or when facing an unpredictable situation, you may want to trade your annuity in for cash up front.

Bluegrass Capital Group, LLC can offer a variety of options customized to your unique circumstances. All of our plans are designed to get the most cash possible for your annuity. Bluegrass Capital Group provides excellent and impeccable customer service and you will be guided step-by-step throughout the entire process.

Bluegrass Capital Group buys annuity streams at a very competitive discounted rate, and we will lead you through the entire process quickly and efficiently. If you’re ready to sell annuity payments, then Bluegrass Capital Group is here to help! Our company can turn your monthly annuity payments directly into CASH IN YOUR HAND when you need it the most.

Of course, we always begin the process by ensuring that the sale of your annuity is the right decision for you. Our experienced and professional staff members are here to help and assist you, starting with our FREE QUOTE. From there, they will help you discover all of the different options suitable to your situation, and then guide you to find the best possible option for selling your annuity payments.