Structured Settlements

Bluegrass Capital Group, LLC recognizes that life can be unpredictable and that unanticipated events can dramatically change one’s financial situation and their need for immediate cash. At Bluegrass Capital Group we treat each of our clients uniquely in order to understand their specific situation & goals – and from there, we develop a responsible funding plan to address all of their financial needs.

Bottom line, when you need CASH right away, do not hesitate to call us for the purchase of your structured settlement.

Bluegrass Capital Group is quickly becoming the industry leader in funding structured settlements. Over the years, we have refined our process of getting cash directly into our clients’ hands - as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer an extremely successful structured settlement purchasing program where we provide rapid cash payments for your structured settlement. And of course, above all, we will make sure that the settlement process is quick and easy as possible while maximizing your payout.

Whether you want to sell all or just a portion of your structured settlement, our experienced & professional team will guide you through the step-by-step process to make sure you are getting the most money out of your settlement.

Please CLICK HERE for a FREE Structured Settlement QUOTE – and begin the process today!